JOdin3, Web Browser Or Offline Flashing Tool

Today marks the day CASUAL brought Odin flashing to Linux, Mac and Windows. It’s called JOdin3 and it’s a Java implementation of Odin. Just as you’d expect, it looks acts, feels, tastes and smells like Odin on the surface, but it is powered by a full open-source stack of software under the hood, namely CASUALcore and Heimdall, utilizing open-source LibUSB drivers.

You may be asking yourself, can’t we already do this with Heimdall? No. Heimdall cannot handle Odin files. You must decompress the files and write a shell script or use an interface to customize flashing parameters for Heimdall. JOdin3 allows you do put your tar.md5, tar.gz, tar.md5.gz, or just plain tar into the app to be flashed using the same logic that Odin does.

So what are the differences between Jodin3 and Odin3? The major notable difference between JOdin3 and Odin3 is that JOdin requires, and offers to obtain, a PIT file before flashing. This is due to a current limitation in Heimdall which does not allow for resume capabilities. Aside from that, the JOdin3 application allows operability on Linux, Mac, Windows, and Raspberry Pi, using Java7 and is able to account for problems and install drivers if required. JOdin troubleshoots problems and gives more information than Odin. On top of that, the modal dialogs are just frickin’ awesome, and its totally Open Source!

The goal of this project is to show the flexibility of the CASUALcore. It can be adapted to nearly any circumstance and will run on all major operating systems. This allows for full and complete customization of a firmware flashing experience… After all, it’s not called the Cross-platform Android Scripting, and Unified Auxiliary Loader for nothing.

JOdin3 is available online from inside a web browser here:
You can download a copy of JOdin3 to run directly on your computer here:
Support is available on XDA-Developers here:
You can compile it yourself here: CASUAL Open-Source Repository
Follow CASUAL on Google Plus here:

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