Setting up for casual development of CASUAL

Building CASUAL from your own computer is a must if you are trying to contribute to the project or modify the GUI for your own operations.  CASUAL can be built on Windows, Linux or Mac, on x86 or 64 bit archetectures.   After setup, building all CASUAL source is as simple as hitting Shift+F11 in netbeans.   Setting up the source to be built is what we are covering here today. 

You will need:


While it is possible to synchronize the code using only netbeans, it is discouraged because you cannot update non-project folders from within Netbeans, including the CASPAC folder.  For Windows or mac you will want to install Subversion with command-line tools, such as TortiseSVN.  For most Linux systems, use the following line in a terminal.

sudo apt-get install subversion

Netbeans and Java can be obtained for all systems from Oracle

Getting the code
Read the instructions and synchronize the code repository at https://code.google.com/p/android-casual/source/checkout  .  This will give you a fresh copy of the code which is used to build CASCADE, CASPACkager, and CASUALcore.

Importing the projects
Open Netbeans and import each project, one-by-one.  You will need to import the following

  1. /trunk/CASUAL
  2. /trunk/CASPACkager
  3. /trunk/CASCADE/CASPACcreator

Once you have opened these four projects, Netbeans is aware of their existance and can build them.  You will see red X’s denoting errors in all projects except CASUAL’s code and this is normal.  It happens because each of these projects depends on CASUAL and CASPACkager binaries, you can simply right-click the CASCADE-GUI project and select “clean and build” to triger a cascading build of all projects you have just loaded from the CASUAL source repository. 

That’s all there is to building CASUAL from source.   If any other problems are encountered, right click the project, select properties, then select Libraries and set the JDK to the one you have installed using the drop-down at the top of the window. 



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